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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 11, 2014 12:36am-1:38am EST

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philadelphia, pennsylvania, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. what?! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- john lithgow -- from "a to z," actor ben feldman -- music from jenny lewis -- featuring the 8g band with fred armisen. [ cheers and applause ] and now, here he is, seth meyers. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everyone doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] great to hear.
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let's get it started off tonight with some political news. president obama said this weekend that he plans to use his final two years to experiment with ways of communicating more effectively with republicans. which is why john boehner found a note in his lunch box today that said "i love you." [ laughter ] nothing else has worked. why not give it a shot. this is interesting. during a speech at an economic summit in china, president obama said that he wants china and the u.s. to strengthen ties that could lead to more jobs. "more jobs? i already have too many," said chinese children. [ laughter ]
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on fox news today, if you don't -- if you didn't like that joke, chinese children wrote it. [ laughter ] just one more job they have you didn't even know about. so when you're growing you can do like that. that's on them. [ laughter ] on fox news today, condoleezza rice said that the world is ready for stronger american leadership. at which point, hillary clinton did a kool-aid man right through the wall into the studio. [ laughter ] full kool-aid man. did the "oh, yeah" and everything. speaking of 2016 hopefuls, this weekend george w. bush said it's a toss-up whether his brother jeb will run for president in 2016. bush said there's a 40/40 chance. [ laughter ] [ applause ] this is pretty wild.
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a new adult film -- a new adult film has been released called "drone boning." [ laughter ] where drones film various couples having sex from above. and thanks to the nsa, you're in it. [ laughter ] all of you are in it. that's why my wife and i, we only have sex in a tent. [ laughter ] even in our bed. i set up a tent. kind of a romantic. [ laughter ] hey, this is cool. today is "sesame street's" 45th anniversary. it's the one night each year that bert and ernie push their twin beds together. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] happy anniversary. happy anniversary to those guys. some more new york news this weekend. new york city opened its largest subway hub at fulton center. it's a grand public space that serves nine different lines and features a dome ceiling, natural light, 340 security cameras, and
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the escalator's already broken. [ laughter ] they made it a day. they made it one day. [ applause ] just ridiculous, a man was arrested last week after he called 911 three times to ask the dispatcher on a date. man, some guys just don't catch on when you give them a fake number. [ laughter ] not sure what to make of this. a pastor -- a pastor at a controversial church in harlem said last week that starbucks is ground zero for ebola. although, unless ebola is the new norah jones cd i'm betting he's wrong. [ laughter ] some good tracks on "ebola." some good jazzy tracks on "ebola." i just like to put it on when i have like, a cocktail party, i put on -- i put on the new "ebola." this is surprising to me. today the lead singer of the
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irish band the cranberries who was arrested for assaulting a flight attendant and a police officer. doctors say it could be years before the victims get that song out of their heads. [ laughter ] and there's no medicine you can take. it's going -- it will linger. [ laughter ] you have to. there's no choice, you have to. you have to let it linger. you have to. [ laughter ] you have to. you have to let it linger. [ laughter ] this is unfortunate. this is really unfortunate. thursday night, a man was found on manhattan e-train drinking directly from a bottle of jack daniel's while completely naked. that's disgusting, use a glass. [ laughter ] sir? use a glass. and finally a 100-year-old new
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york woman celebrated her birthday by skydiving this weekend. so not only did she yell geronimo, she also dated him. ladies and gentlemen, this is the 8g band! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how's everybody doing? she's so old. she's so old, she also dated him. that's how old we are. hi, fred, how are you? >> fred: hi, seth. >> seth: hi, 8g band, everybody good over there? fred, it's so lovely to have you here. one of my favorite things, of course, about having you here is i feel i learn something new about you every day. which is amazing, because you're the most accomplished person i know, and yet every day, you add something else. the only thing i worry about is -- i worry that sometimes people at
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home are watching and they think you're just making this stuff up off the top of your head because it's impossible could you be doing all those things, you know? >> fred: mm-hmm. >> seth: but -- [ laughter ] we're too good of friends for it to be possible you would lie to me, i know that's not true. but this is amazing to me, because they just put up the rockefeller christmas tree, and i heard, is this true, that you're -- i guess you're starting your own rockefeller christmas tradition? >> fred: i am. right nearby, it's a christmas maze. [ laughter ] right near penn station. >> seth: okay. >> fred: and it's just a series of trees. and you've got to, you know, find your way out. and it's just right at the entrance of penn station. >> seth: okay. >> fred: you know what i mean, right there on, you know -- >> seth: so in order to get into penn station, do i have to go through this maze? >> fred: yes. [ laughter ] but in a fun way, you know what i mean? like -- >> seth: so that seems like, for commuters and whatnot, that might be frustrating. you might not say be in the christmas spirit, you have to catch a train?
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>> fred: but it's not that hard. it's not that difficult of a maze. you know what i mean? it's, like, medium difficult. >> seth: medium difficult. [ laughter ] >> fred: also, once you know your way through, everyday, because it starts on december 1st, you'll know what the route is, know what i mean? >> seth: that's interesting. say i'm going for the first time, i'm in a wave of commuters, they all know. is it a maze for me if i'm just sort of following them through it? >> fred: well, join in the fun and try to, you know, be curious about it and find your owe way. don't just follow everybody. make sure it's your own way. >> seth: okay, got it. and so, it's the christmas maze. it's outside of penn station. are they pine trees? is that what -- are they, like, christmas trees? >> fred: yeah, it's like christmas trees, a bunch of different trees. oak trees. [ laughter ] >> seth: both trees? >> fred: both kinds of trees. [ laughter ] >> seth: both kinds. you got both the trees? >> fred: both the trees. >> seth: congrats man, that's awesome. >> fred: thanks. >> seth: so the christmas maze outside of penn station december 1st to -- >> fred: to december 1st of next year. [ laughter ] >> seth: so it's a year long.
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that's great, i can't wait. [ cheers and applause ] this -- i was reading this right before the show started. this is really good news. craig spencer, the new york doctor who had ebola, is going to leave bellevue hospital. he is -- so he's okay. which is great news. i'm very happy to hear that. of course -- yeah. um -- of course, he was the doctor who, with the ebola symptoms, he took the subway, he took an uber, and he went bowling, and because of that, we all got ebola and died. [ light laughter ] but now he's okay. so it all worked out. and now he can go back to bowling and licking your fingers before you put them in the ball. so we're safe. we can go back -- i will say there was one thing in this article that i really enjoyed which is, it said that his condition was serious at first but last week he had asked for his banjo and exercise bickel -- bicycle. bickel.
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he'd asked for his banjo and exercise bicycle, the first signs that the was on the way to being release. if i ever ask for either a banjo or an exercise bicycle, get me to bellevue. [ laughter ] because i might have ebola. and if i ask for a bickel, i don't know. i don't know what that would even mean if i asked for that. um, sometimes people on twitter will send me photos saying, "hey, my friend looks just like you," or "this person looks just like you." and often, i don't feel like they do. or they do, but we match the part of my face i like the least. but this someone sent this and said, "hey, this is you playing pool?" i got to be honest -- i don't remember -- but yeah. [ laughter ] that's not me. that's insane. so thank you @rileymartin for spinning me out to a point that i'm not sure i'll ever be able
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to smile again. [ light laughter ] we got a terrific show for you tonight. from the new movie "interstellar," john lithgow is here. [ cheers and applause ] can't wait to talk to him. also, stopping by to talk about his show "a to z," ben feldman will be joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and we will have music from the great jenny lewis. i'm a huge fan of hers, i can't believe she's here. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night" after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night", everybody. here on the show, we believe that no matter how different two things are, they can still have common ground. and to prove it, it's time once again for "venn diagrams." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: you remember venn diagrams. we take two seemingly separate groups and find out what they have in common. let's get started. on one side, we have an after dinner coffee. on the other side, we have ebola. and in the middle, we have -- things that keep you up at night. [ applause ] the midterm elections were last week. so on one side, we have
12:53 am
president obama. on the other side, we have a high school junior. and in the middle we have -- people who can't wait for the next two years to be over. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] very exciting. thanksgiving. thanksgiving's right around the corner. so on one side, we have a broken paper clip. on the other side, we have your aunt at thanksgiving. i don't know what this could be. let's see -- things that are barely holding it together. [ laughter ] you can make it. aunt cathy, you can make it. through one meal a year, aunt cathy. next up, on one side we have spotify. on the other side, we have john mayer. and in the middle we have -- things taylor swift left. [ cheers and applause ] moving on. on one side, we have tinder. on the other side, we have jalapeno poppers. in the middle we have -- apps for single people.
12:54 am
[ laughter and applause ] yes, i'll take an order of jalapeno poppers, and no, no one is joining me. up next, on one side, we have objects in your side view mirror. on the other side, we have your wife and her personal trainer. in the middle we have -- things that are closer than they appear. [ laughter and applause ] next up, on one side, we have hillary clinton. on the other side, we have a treadmill. oh, i know this. i bet it's things that are running. let's see -- chris christie's sworn enemies. [ applause ] didn't see that one coming. caught me off guard. finally, on one side we have "scarface." on the other side, we have creepy guys on snapchat. wonder what's in the middle. say hello to my little friend. [ laughter and applause ] that's "venn diagrams." we'll be right back with john lithgow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everyone. our first guest tonight is an emmy, tony, and golden globe award-winning actor. he's currently starring on broadway in "a delicate balance", which is in previews at the john golden theater. and you can also see him in the new movie "interstellar", in theaters now. please welcome john lithgow! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> good, good. >> seth: thank you so much for making the time and joining us tonight. >> i'm delighted and lucky to be here with fred. >> seth: i know, isn't it so exciting to have fred here? did you hear about this maze he has outside of penn station? >> yes. >> seth: very exciting. >> i can't wait to try the maze. >> seth: they have both the trees. both kinds of the trees.
1:00 am
so this is -- you're doing edward albee's "a delicate balance." this is a play, 1967? >> yes, late '60s. >> seth: and you have a history with this play. but not having been an actor in it. >> amazingly enough, i was the american dialect coach for the english premiere of "a delicate balance" in 1968. >> seth: wow. >> and i was a drama student over there. they just corralled me to come in, and coach peggy ashcroft and michael horgren. >> seth: how long do you do that when you're a dialect coach? >> i was like three or four weeks. >> wow. >> all day, every day. edward albee finally came and saw a run-through and his first note was "forget the accents." [ laughter ] so that was the beginning of my collaboration with edward albee. >> seth: you must have known, "well, this is where you're going to work, we're going to do great things together. he is known for having a ton of stage directions. very intricate, a lot of direction within the writing. >> yes. >> seth: do you find that
1:01 am
restrictive, do you like it? >> it's good. i mean, with albee, all the help you can get. he writes very like, complex puzzles kind of like fred's maze. >> seth: yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> so all those adjectives and adverbs in his scripts, we grab on to them for dear life. they're fabulous plays. they're elusive, captivating, but somewhat puzzling. >> seth: and you -- this is previews. this is the time where you puzzle it out and you try and capture it. obviously, it's not just trying to refine the performance. but also it's a time to make little mistakes. you had one -- >> little mistakes and big mistakes. >> seth: what was your mistake? >> i missed an entrance for the first time in my career about a week ago. >> seth: wow. how did it happen? >> well, i had this quick exit, and then reentrance to go help neighbors bring in their luggage. >> seth: okay. >> and then i exited again. and i was off for about ten minutes. so i exited.
1:02 am
and i thought i was off for ten minutes. i went three stories up to my dressing room. [ light laughter ] and about ten seconds later, this assistant stage manager came dashing in. john, you've got to go back onstage! [ laughter ] i said, no, i've got about ten minutes. oh, my god. dashed downstairs. as i made my way to my entrance, i could hear the actors improvising edward albee. including glenn close, whose line is now famous backstage. she said, "they can't have that much luggage." [ laughter ] that's our glenn. >> seth: that's great. i remember my first year at "snl", i did the same thing. where i went in -- i had basically two lines in a scene, i walked in for my first line. i was barely in anything my first year. i got a laugh and i smugly walked off and just like, took off the moustache. stage manager did the same thing. you see me, i run in the second
1:03 am
time, the moustache is -- i wish i had a video of how smugly i just walked off, half done, being like, nailed it! [ laughter ] >> yes. >> seth: glenn close, you first worked with her 30 years ago, "the world according to garp." [ applause ] >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: such a great film. >> yeah. >> seth: and -- how interesting, because you play -- your character was transgender at a time when there was so few of those characters in film or television. and now we have -- you have "transparent," you have "orange is the new black," it's so much more explored now. it's such a subtle performance. was that -- i'm assuming that was a choice made by everyone? or was that a choice you made? >> it was a wonderful character, both in the novel and the film. and it was, you know -- he/she was a former pro football player, tight end for the philadelphia phillies. it was automatically an absurd image. i deliberately completely underplayed it.
1:04 am
played it very naturalistically. what was revolutionary about that performance was just how simple it was, really. i got -- i got letters from -- the most extraordinary letters from transgender people. one of them i remember so vividly saying "you have no idea what it's like to see a transgendered person portrayed who is not a psychopath, a serial killer, some sort of deviant, but an ordinary person." it was a good feeling. you know, just -- i had very much the same experience this year in that wonderful little film, "love is strange." >> seth: with alfred molina. >> with alfred molina. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: another great film. >> film portrayals that are extraordinary for being extraordinary, you know. >> seth: yes. you do that very well. an extraordinary film, "interstellar", that you're in now. leads into the film "cloaked in secrecy."
1:05 am
when you're in a film like that, that everyone knows is coming, everyone has seen the trailers, you're one of the people that actually knows what's happened, do you like being in a project that's closed and secret? >> sure, i'm an actor, i love having secrets. [ light laughter ] you love being in the business of surprising people. and this was a colossal secret. i was contractually required to say nothing. although we did have a marvelous actor, david oyelowo, he came up to do a one day, one scene part. up to calgary, alberta, in canada. he's an old friend of mine. [ applause ] and i took him out to dinner. we'd been in other films together. he had been told nothing about the film. he plays a high school principal in a completely ordinary high school principal/parent conference scene. and they hadn't told him anything. surely i can tell him. i gave him like a 20-minute blow
1:06 am
by blow version of this story. and he listened. his jaw dropped. his eyes widened. and he said, "my god, i'm in such a great film!" [ laughter ] >> seth: no idea. >> that's when i knew this story is going to work. >> seth: right. >> if i can make it sound good. >> seth: yes, over dinner. well, they say you either have to see it on the big screen or just have you describe it in 20 minutes. [ laughter ] >> yes, exactly. >> seth: those are the two ways to see "interstellar." >> it is an unbelievable film. a completely mind-boggling film. >> seth: congratulations. >> i'm proud to be even a small part in it. >> seth: that's excellent. i didn't realize that you are sort of new to being a soccer fan? is this the case? or have you been for a while? >> somewhat. off and on. >> seth: gotcha. >> now i'm a huge english premier league soccer fan. >> seth: you're liverpool, correct? >> liverpool, yeah. >> seth: fewer than calgary. calgary, more popular than liverpool tonight. [ light laughter ] >> yes. i have sort of a connection
1:07 am
there. >> seth: yes. >> my old boss from "third rock from the sun" is tom warner. >> seth: sure. >> who's co-owner of liverpool and the sox. >> seth: and the red sox. >> i'm basically a fan of any team where i get to sit in the owner's box. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's a good way of choosing. and you know, invite any owners out there, if you want to give john a really good seat, he'll happily take on the mantle of your team. >> i've been to anfield, i've seen liverpool play. i tear up when i hear "you'll never walk alone." all these things. >> seth: it's a great -- the scene of those games is incredible -- there's a real collective spirit that i feel like you don't quite have here. >> well -- >> seth: the group singing is something -- >> group singing, they have to separate the fans. i mean, you never see them mingling. you know, you watch an american sport on television and you'll see whatever. redskins and patriots fans sitting side by side having a wonderful time. this does not happen in england. >> seth: yeah. >> they have to be separated.
1:08 am
and they want to be separated. they learn all these songs the week prior to the game, new lyrics to old standards. it's -- it's creeping up in the united states. >> seth: yeah, no, there's a lot more coverage now. >> the world cup and the u.s. team. >> seth: every time. >> mls has a lot to do with it. but it's a sport that just keeps your attention for 90 minutes. you literally can't take your -- >> seth: there's no commercials. which is so delightful. the ball is just always moving. >> right. >> seth: it is, always moving. watch and tell me i'm wrong. >> on the other hand, nfl is taking over u.k. >> seth: yes. although, i feel as though the games we're sending over there are the worst games every week and they're probably watching and saying, this isn't good, i don't like this. >> the least crucial games. >> seth: this -- of course, they just announced the new title for the new "star wars" film. i did not realize this, you were in a radio production of "empire strikes back." >> yes. >> seth: and you were the voice of yoda? >> yes, i was. it was -- no, it was -- [ applause ]
1:09 am
>> seth: how did that come about? how did you end up getting cast as yoda? >> at the time i was in a play being directed by john madden, a film director of note nowadays. and he, in those days, directed radio. he was directing "empire strikes back." well, i have mark hamill, i have all these characters -- actors from the actual "empire." i can't get frank oz who's not available to do yoda, i have no yoda. and i said, oh? impatient, is he? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i guess the lesson is just be ready. >> that's right, be ready. >> seth: always be ready with your yoda. >> learned that from the boy scouts, be prepared. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. john lithgow, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "interstellar" is in theaters now and "a delicate balance" opens november 20th at the john golden theater. be right back with ben feldman.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everyone. you know our next guest from his emmy nominated role on "mad men." you can see him every week on the new show "a to z", which airs thursday nights at 9:30 right here on nbc. let's take a look. >> listen, i was going to stand up for that guy last night. >> yeah, i know that you would have. >> but i didn't, because i didn't know if you were into the tough guy thing. >> thanks, muscle bound hot heads, that's a huge turnoff for me. >> that's what i figured, which is why i didn't say anything when a guy call the you dirty ho. >> just ho. there was no -- why did you add in dirty? i'm glad that you didn't. i like guys who are level headed and sweet, smart, sensitive, funny. basically you. >> i also have piercing eyes. >> you know i can see you now. >> i got to -- there's a --
1:16 am
>> seth: please welcome ben feldman! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so good to see you. >> it's good to see you too. in the clip, the guy i'm talking about that i want to beat up is your brother. >> seth: yeah, my brother plays the -- >> the d-bag. >> seth: yeah, the muscle-bound d-bag. >> he was great. >> seth: yeah, he's great. it was so nice to see you guys working together. >> yeah, we had a lot of fun. >> seth: what's the situation right now with "a to z"? >> hi, fred. >> fred: good to see you. >> seth: have you heard about fred's maze? >> no, people were talking backstage. i heard a little tell of the maze. >> seth: they have both kinds of trees. we'll explain later. >> that sounds fantastic. [ laughter ] do you want to -- okay. >> seth: all right, so "a to z." you've shot a bunch of episodes. >> we have. >> seth: the network has not told you if you're going to shoot more episodes. >> the network has said that
1:17 am
they really like the episodes that we shot. and they're just good with that for now. >> seth: right. >> yeah. [ laughter ] i see. >> it's kind of -- the show is sort of like -- it reminds me of like my first girlfriend in high school. >> seth: uh-huh. >> like -- i was kind of a dorky kid. i had like blond highlights and wore like orange vinyl button-down shirts. [ light laughter ] >> sure. i was going to say, but there's no year where that's okay. [ laughter ] >> no, never, never. i found out this really popular girl, we'll call her nbc for all intents and purposes. [ light laughter ] >> seth: sure. >> i find out nbc wants to date me. and i'm like, i've never met her before, but it's high school, so that doesn't matter. it just matters what everyone else that's watching you thinks. >> seth: of course. >> if nbc and i look good together in front of other people, we're a success. >> seth: right. >> so -- it was going to be this big reveal at this giant party, all the popular kids are going to be there, abc, cbs. [ light laughter ] the sketchy kids, fox. [ laughter ] >> seth: sure. >> the hot sophomore cw. >> seth: the very hot sophomore cw, yes. >> so we're going to this party. i'm telling everybody, talking about it incessantly, i bought all these new clothes.
1:18 am
i show up at this party on a thursday night and nobody's there. >> seth: no one? >> turns out all the guys are playing football on thursday. >> seth: right, because now there's football on thursdays. >> this other really popular girl shonda has this giant party on thursdays as well. >> seth: that's scandalous. it's a scandalous -- [ laughter ] >> it's a scandalous party. we agreed to see each other for a couple more weeks on thursdays. and people would eventually show up to the party. >> seth: yeah, so that could still happen. rashida jones, who is your producer and a dear friend of mine. she started taking to twitter to try to save "a to z." >> yes. >> seth: and it's nice that we live in an era now where you can interact with fans, and you can sort of like, remind people, like "hey, it'd be great if you could watch this now or else we're not going to be around." >> it's nice and it's terrifying. >> seth: sure, right. tell us about the show. >> the show is about a guy and a girl. their entire relationship, from a to z. andrew and zelda. >> seth: i get it. [ laughter ] >> and -- you know, it's like an old rom com -- it's like an old penny marshall movie.
1:19 am
it's shot really beautifully, the cast is incredible, the guys on it are all funny. cristin milioti is the girl, it's awesome. rashida is the producer. >> seth: it's a great crew. i hope people keep watching it and i think -- certainly on twitter. people can go on twitter and you can hashtag, you can do all the -- >> #saveatoz apparently. >> seth: there you go, and that will be a very helpful thing. you play -- you work at an online dating site on the show. you just got married this past -- >> yeah, like a little over a year ago. >> seth: congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] we're very close, because i was a year ago, september. >> yeah. >> seth: how did you meet your wife? >> she -- so -- my parents -- there was a time in my life -- you guys have a minute? [ laughter ] my parents used to -- no matter what, like i could be walking down the aisle and i'd still, like, get a call. marlene's daughter is moving to l.a., she's right up your alley. and so this was one of those. actually, i think i was with -- like in a car with this other girl that i'd been hanging out with.
1:20 am
just e-mail mail me her information, i'm not going to call her, because it's embarrassing, hey, i'm so lonely, my mom gave me your phone number. [ light laughter ] they sent me this e-mail. she comes from a great family. please just take her out. if it sucks we'll owe you one. drinks, what's drinks? >> seth: when they say right up your alley, what is right up your alley? >> nothing to do with my alley. >> seth: okay, gotcha. [ laughter ] it's right up their alley. >> this girl is up my alley, but usually they were wrong. >> seth: okay. >> so i just copy her e-mail address and forwarded the e-mail to her and figured, if she was cool -- >> seth: if you showed her what -- >> i just forwarded her the e-mail, no comment whatsoever. [ laughter ] and she wrote back something like, yeah, my mom said that you were like this loser actor or something like that. [ laughter ] i took her to a loser actor party that night. that was like eight years ago. >> seth: congratulations, it worked out. [ applause ] now, does -- is this lorded over you, that it was good advice? >> no, and that was my biggest fear. i was like "should we not be
1:21 am
getting married because my parents are going to have like this ownership over this relationship?" but no. they're really cool about it. >> seth: that's good. >> they don't ever bring it up. i'm glad. >> seth: it was funny. i never talk to me parents about anything, any matters of the heart. [ light laughter ] ever. >> i try and avoid that too. >> seth: when i remembered like my -- when we got married, we were together for about five years. how long were you guys together? >> seven. >> seth: okay, good. i love when someone's longer. >> we should stick together, yeah, exactly. >> seth: absolutely. i love when i'm around a seven. >> i have friends like, we're getting to the ben and michelle point, we should probably get married. [ talking over each other ] >> you don't want seven named after you. >> no, no, no. >> seth: my now in-laws would say to my parents before we got engaged, they'd say, what's he thinking? they'd say, oh, we never talk to him. we don't know what he's thinking at all, he refuses to talk to us about anything that matters. [ light laughter ] >> if they bring it up, you change the subject or you hang up. >> seth: yeah, i just talk about sports. i also want to talk about "mad men." ginsburg, one of the great tv characters of recent history. so wonderful. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: got rightfully
1:22 am
nominated for an emmy for the role. and it was funny. the last time i saw you, you were doing press for "a to z." it was the night before -- >> the morning after the weird -- the nipple thing. i don't want to ruin too much for anybody. >> seth: yeah. but if you watch "mad men," ginsburg does something pretty gnarly with his nipple. then you had to go be on panels. >> the very next morning, like walk down a big like nbc carpet and talk about my new romantic comedy. and i said to one of the people, my publicist, just so you know this is just going to be all nipples. this whole carpet will be questions about nipples, not about this show. and it was. you could tell that like, the press that had seen it and the press that didn't. some would be, "hey, ben, big fan of 'mad men.' tell us about your new show." and i'd be like "hm, you're not a big fan of 'mad men.'" [ laughter ] "new york magazine" would be like, can you talk about last night? >> seth: show us everything. >> so it was -- it was surreal. >> seth: the last season hasn't aired, but obviously there was a wrap party, you finished, the show's finished shooting. did you get to go to the final "mad men" party?
1:23 am
>> no, my cousin got married, and it was a date that i didn't expect him to be getting married. it's conflicted and i had to go. it was in san diego. >> seth: that's the right call. >> yeah, and it was great. my whole family was there, it was wonderful. but i got really drunk. and my friend who was also maybe a little more drunk thought maybe we could call a helicopter and see how much those cost to take us to los angeles. >> seth: so you would just leave in the middle of the wedding? >> probably land somewhere adjacent to the venue. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yes. >> but -- then we actually got to the point where we were on the phone with the helicopter company asking them. i mean, needless to say, it was like massively expensive. >> seth: right. i like to think that you worked out all the details. and then last thing was, and now if you could just give me the price. [ laughter ] >> by the way. the best part is, my buddy, who -- it was his idea, masterminded the whole thing. had we gone anyway, he wasn't on the list. i would have had to have left him at the door. >> seth: that would have been sad, just a guy sadly walking back to the helicopter. [ laughter ] it would have been like the end of "m.a.s.h." >> bye.
1:24 am
i'll instagram everything. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. let's save "a to z." [ cheers and applause ] >> let's save "a to z." >> seth: congrats on "mad men." ben feldman, everybody. check out "a to z" thursday nights at 9:30 on nbc. go on twiiter, #saveatoz to show your support. we'll be right back with music from jenny lewis! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ a lovely day. ♪ lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day. ♪ target and toms are getting together this holiday. to give back, in a big way. it's one for one, for all.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a wonderful singer-songwriter from los angeles. she took a break from her headlining tour, including stops at lollapalooza and austin city limits, to be here tonight. performing "she's not me", please welcome jenny lewis. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:30 am
♪ ♪ i used to think you could save me i've been wandering lately ♪ ♪ heard she's having your baby and everything's so amazing ♪ ♪ it goes on and on and on and on it goes on and on and on and on ♪ ♪ but she's not me she's easy all those times we
1:31 am
were making love ♪ ♪ i never thought we'd be breaking up bet you tell her i'm crazy ♪ ♪ it goes on and on and on and on it goes on and on and on and on ♪ ♪ but she's not me she's easy remember the night i destroyed it all ♪
1:32 am
♪ when i told you i cheated and you punched through the drywall ♪ ♪ i took you for granted when you were all that i needed ♪ ♪ but she's not me she's easy she's not me
1:33 am
she's not me ♪ ♪ she's easy [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: jenny lewis! the album, "the voyager", is available everywhere now. for tour dates, go to we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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1:35 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to john lithgow, ben feldman, jenny lewis. and of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:36 am
>> i think i did something wrong. >> no, no, no, no -- it's really good, yeah. um, what's it supposed to be? >> a chair. >> oh yeah, you definitely did something wrong. >> well, first, i was putting it together while i was watching the show, so i was distracted. good show by the way. >> oh, love venn diagrams. >> secondly, i can't figure out the instructions. >> well, where did you get it from? >> micekia. >> ugh, stupid sweedish mice. >> can you help fix this thing. >> all right, step one. locate your allen wrench. where's the old allen wrench. oh, that makes me think of allen. >> oh, right, i forgot about allen. >> things haven't been the same around here since he got sucked up into that vacuum cleaner. >> you know what, how about a moment of silence for allen. >> dammit! [ cheers and applause ]
1:37 am
♪ >> carson: hey, what's up everybody? i'm carson daly, and you are watching "last call" tonight coming to you from amp radio, here in los angeles where i do a daily morning show. it's also in the same building as our sister station, the word famous k-rock in los angeles where i worked at for many, many, years. so this is a really cool special place that we are tonight. and uh -- psyched to be here. great show tonight. nick youseff preforms in the comedy spotlight. self is our music from the el rey. but first, we're going to sit down with lisa ling to talk about her new show on cnn called "this is life with lisa ling." we've been big fans of lisa's for a long time. so, we go over to sadie kitchen and lounge now and see what's going on with lisa in tonight's "last call spotlight." ♪


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